WPC Nepal Safe Home

Main Center Office / Safe Home

Women’s Protection Center
नारी संरक्षण केन्द्र
Kamal Danda, Hetauda – 4
Makwanpur District, Narayani, Nepal
E-mail: hetauda@friendsofwpcnepal.org

Butwal Branch (Western Part of Nepal):

Women’s Protection Center
नारी संरक्षण केन्द्र
Milanchowk, Butwal – 10
Rupandehi District, Lumbini, Nepal
E-mail: butwal@friendsofwpcnepal.org

Respective Board and Volunteers in Nepal:

Lila Ghising, MASCE

Lila Ghising

Lila Ghising

Ms. Lila Ghising has more than 15 years of experience working with women and children in social services. She has provided advocacy and program management for various social services organizations both domestically and abroad. She has focused on rehabilitating, advocating and educating the survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. During that time, she passionately  strived for the rescue of women and children. In Nepal in 2001, she founded the (Women’s Protection Center / नारी संरक्षण केन्द्र). Over 600 woman and children have been helped through this organization

Ms. Ghising obtained her BA Degree in Bangalore, India, and Masters Degree in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship (MASCE) at Bakke Graduate University in Seattle, Washington.

Ms. Dipa Kumari Gurung

Dipa Kumari Gurung

Dipa Kumari Gurung

Dipa Kumari Gurung is the current President of the WPC Nepal foundation. She has made vital contributions to help officially establish the organization in the Nepal. For the past 12 years, she has been consistently helping WPC by handling all of the management in Nepal.

The interior service group of the organization is women and children. So, she has mainly provided counseling for those women and children who are survivors of trafficking, sexual exploitation and domestic violence. She has played a leading role to reintegrate them into society. Since 2004, she’s been involved in church as a leader and working among the women’s group.

Since the beginning of gaining access for women and children’s education, she has always helped reintegrate them into society. She also completed the School Living Certificate in Shree Padhma Kanya School, Kathamandu, Nepal in 1992.

Children Program Director:
Ms. Ganga Tamang

Ganga Tamang is originally from Tipling-3, Dhading Nepal. In 1998, her father sent her to India to nanny in the home of a person neither of them knew. At age 9, she came close to becoming another victim of human trafficking, but instead she met Lila in India. Lila brought her to her home and raised her like own daughter.

From 2010-2014, she volunteered at WPC Nepal in various capacities, desiring to give back to the community that raised her. In 2015, she married Mr. Jerome Ghale. After some time in Kathmandu, she moved back to Hetauda with her husband and young son and recently started working with WPC. She has a Bachelor in Business Studies & Social Sciences from the Hetauda School of Management.

Ms. Kali Maya Tamang

Program Coordinator:
Mr. Ram Bahadur Mijar

Mr. Ram Bahadur Mijar

Mr. Ram Bahadur Mijar








Finance and Administration Manager:
Jerome Ghale

Jerome Ghale

Jerome Ghale

Jerome Ghale comes from a small village called Tipling in the Dhading District of Nepal. He worked as the Finance and Administration Manager of Women’s Protection Center since early 2016. Previously, he worked as an accountant at the St. Xavier’s School in Kathmandu from 2011 to 2015, where he developed professional skills in financial oversight. Despite being new to the WPC team in Hetauda, he has been involved with the organization in a support role for many years. He loves having the opportunity to work with Nepali women and children to empower them, while offering the support they need to build a safe and stable future. In doing so, he knows that together they are providing the foundation for socio-economic progress and gender equality in Nepal. He is proud to be part of the WPC family. Currently, he is also studying to earn his bachelor’s degree in business studies.

House Parent:
House Father Mr. Suresh Tamang and House Mother Mrs. Sumita Tamang

House Parents, Suresh and Sumita Tamang, and their 2 children

I am Suresh Tamang, permanent resident of Gorkha, Nepal. I used to worked as a pastor before joining the Women’s Protection Center (WPC Nepal). I did 3 years service working for a church and more than 10 years working in the community and attending fellowship. I was also called into social work as well. In 2011, my wife Sumita Tamang and I joined WPC Nepal. We are working as safe home parents right now. We were parents of two children, but now we are becoming parents of many children here at safe home and we feel proud to be their parents. We are really thankful for this golden opportunity where we can help and provide for the children, inspiring and caring for them as responsible parents. I completed my SLC from Shree Laxmi Secondary School at Gorkha. I’m enjoying in my work to make them all laugh and to bring happiness to their lives.

Legal Advisor:
Mr. Keshab P. Kafle, Lawyer/Professor

Other Volunteers:
Ms. Anju Rai, Board Member
Ms. Anju Lama, Board Member
Mr. Hemanta Bardewa, Board Member
Mr. Ishak Rai, Tutor