Volunteer in Nepal – See the Faces of the Ones You Want to Help


Live and Work in the WPC Nepal Safe Home

If you want to see the impact of your work right before your eyes, travel the world, enter a new culture, and do something amazing with your life, then volunteer in Nepal and come live in Hetauda for an extended time period.

There is always plenty to do in the Hetauda community and WPC Nepal safe home. You get to fight human trafficking where it happens, and strengthen and encourage the women and kids you’ve already helped rescue because of your past support.

Want to learn more about volunteering? Email us at admin@friendsofwpcnepal.org

Flexible Time Periods

You can stay in Hetauda for as long as you want, as little as a week to as long as a year. But really, you’re only limited by the type of visa you get and how much time you can afford to be here.

We prefer that people who volunteer in Nepal stay for at least a month so you can get fully integrated with our program, not feel rushed, and have time to learn the culture and language. But we are open to smaller amounts of time if that’s all you can afford.

Learn a New Culture

This is your chance to see how an NGO in a foreign country works. It’s a priceless experience for anyone, from college students to young professionals to older people who want to do something big in another country.

When you volunteer in Nepal with the Women’s Protection Center, you also get to make a real impact with a program that works while also experiencing the visual wonders and cultural differences of Nepal.

We work on a win-win basis. You will give a lot of yourself when you’re here, but you will get a lot too. It might be joking with the locals, learning to eat with your hands again, or even organizing a traditional Nepali dance class that you can attend. The possibilities are endless! Volunteering in Nepal is important work, but it’s also a very fun experience that you’ll remember the rest of your life.

What Will You Do as a Volunteer in Nepal?

You can come over by yourself or as part of a group. We try to take groups of people over at least once per year, sometimes more.

Below is a partial list of some of what you might do while you’re in Nepal:

  • Tutor in the Safe Home
  • Teach a Computer Class
  • Coordinate Extra Activities
  • Garden
  • Help in the Office
  • Cook
  • Teach at a Local School
  • Volunteer at the Local Hospital
  • Counsel Young Women
  • Teach a Special Skill

More details about each of these are in the volunteer packet we will send you when you email us at admin@friendsofwpcnepal.org

Costs to Volunteer in Nepal

Your costs cover all your food and lodging, as well as a language/cultural class that will make your trip more interactive and memorable.

The basic cost is $500 per month, or $125 per week. So if you stay for 6 weeks, that would cost $750.

***Please Note: this does not include airfare, visa, travel insurance, medical, or any other travel expenses.

What Happens When You Arrive in Nepal

We will arrange airport pickup and your hotel stay in Kathmandu for one night, as well as your travel from there to Hetauda, which is about a 4-5 hour car ride (and one you’ll remember!). Then, you’ll get to stay in our safe home in Hetauda and have your meals provided as part of our volunteer cost.

Volunteering in Nepal: A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Getting all the way to Hetauda and staying here for a while is a lot of work. But the value of our volunteer program is extremely high. It’s an experience hard to find anywhere else, because our program and our influence in the community is so unique.

Our main hope is that you will create strong relational connections with our staff and the kids in the safe home, and that your visit will strengthen them as well as the local community. We want you to have the best experience you can possibly have.

If you need more specific or different accommodations than our standard approach as described here, please contact us by email (admin@friendsofwpcnepal.org) or phone (425-777-5107) and we will work out the details as best we can.

Not sure you’re quite ready to volunteer in Nepal?  Volunteer on the U.S. side for Friends of WPC Nepal