How to Solve Human Trafficking of Women in Nepal

Turn Victims into Empowered Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


Pop Quiz: Which Free Gift Has the Greatest Chance to Liberate a Woman from Human Trafficking in Nepal?

A: $1,000 Cash                                               B: Food for a year                                          C: A Sewing Machine

The solution to human trafficking in Nepal and in other parts of the world isn’t always complicated. It just takes the will to act and a few resources to make it happen.

The Women’s Protection Center in Nepal runs a vocational training program that gives women who used to live in fear the skills and opportunity to own a business and provide for their own needs.

This approach is far better than a typical “aid” program. We’re not interested in giving out free food and rent for decades and creating a new form of dependency that just replaces the one these women experienced when they were trafficked (or living in fear of it).

Nepali Women’s Job Training Programsolve human trafficking in Nepal through the WPC job training program

In just a year, you can help train 25-30 women in Nepal and set them on a path of confidence and self-sufficiency. We teach them:

  • Marketable job skills – sewing and knitting of scarves, shawls, gift bags
  • How to start and run a business in Nepal
  • The tools and resources they’ll need to succeed

Once they’ve completed the 6-month training program, each woman is given a sewing machine.

From there, they can take it back to their community, start producing clothing, set up shop, and open for business.

In the last five years alone, we’ve empowered over 200 Nepali women through this job training program. Some now have jobs with other companies. But most have started their own businesses and are making enough to meet their families’ needs.

Why Sewing is the Simplest Answer to Human Trafficking in Nepal

If you ever visit Nepal, one thing you’ll quickly notice is that businesses there aren’t like here in the US. Most are very small shops that survive on foot traffic.

You don’t need a huge storefront with glass windows, tons of merchandise, and big rent payments. You just need a little store in a local area that provides something people need.

And people need clothes. Nepali clothing is some of the most beautiful in the world. So when a skilled craftswoman opens up a store in her area, she is going to get business. She just needs to know how to do it. Once trained and empowered, success is only a few steps away.

With how the economy is in Nepal (over 40% unemployment), it doesn’t take a lot of revenue to provide for daily needs and become a positive force in the community. So once she gets her business going, each woman who comes through our job training program will be able to provide for her family.

With Provision Comes Security and Independence

sewing gives women in Nepal a useful job skill that helps them avoid the deceptions of human traffickers

And that’s why a sewing machine solves human trafficking in Nepal. Because traffickers thrive on dependency.

“You need money,” they say. “You can’t provide for your family. You’re starving. Your kids aren’t in school. I can get you a job in India or the Middle East. Don’t waste your time getting an international work visa. Don’t waste your money paying fees. I can get you past all those barriers and get you hired fast.”

It’s a tempting offer. But it’s full of lies, treachery, and exploitation.

By sidestepping all these “barriers,” what they’re really doing is making their final destination impossible to trace. So once the woman gets overseas, they find the “job” isn’t what they expected, and there’s no way out because no one knows where they are.

With a profitable clothing and apparel business, even a very small one, made possible by your giving, women will no longer feel pressured to consider working abroad and risk being trafficked.

Women have fewer opportunities than men in Nepal to make a good living. Men are struggling too – and there’s a lot of need there as well – but women have it worse, and they are more vulnerable to human trafficking.

Nepali woman running her new business is free from fear of being trafficked

Do you want to have a direct impact and help solve human trafficking? Then support the WPC Nepal job training program for women. Your support trains and empowers 25 women each year with job and business-starting skills.

You can give them the confidence that comes with having a skill and knowing how to use it.

You’ll also shrink the supply of vulnerable women that traffickers depend on for their own detestable livelihood.


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