1) Where does my donation money go?
Your gifts go to support Friends of WPC Nepal, an independent organization based in the state of Washington, USA. Friends of WPC Nepal uses its funds to support programs that help victims of trafficking, most notably programs that are operated by the Women’s Protection Center in Hetauda, Nepal.

2) How do you cover administrative cost and staff salary?
All services are currently volunteer based.  We do this to keep administrative expenses to a minimum to provide maximum benefit to the victims of human trafficking.

4) Are their plans to make the Women’s Protection Center in Nepal self-sustaining ?
Yes,  Friends of WPC Nepal intents to help provide programs that over time will allow the Women’s Protection Center in Nepal to be self-sustaining.  This is done through our vocational training programs.  In addition, Co-Founder, Lila Ghising has started a social business in the United States. The main goal of the business is to sustain the Women’s Protection Center in  Nepal and invest its profit to create a community with hope for survivors of human trafficking in Nepal. Please visit at www.narialliance.com and feel free to shop to  support this great cause.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at: info@friendsofwpcnepal.org. We will be more than happy answer.