Give the Gift of Education

With Your Help, a Child in Nepal Can Achieve the Dream of an Education.

Child Sponsorship:

You have the opportunity to create a one of a kind connection with a child at the WPC safe home or in the community. All by yourself, you can change a child’s life forever.

Let Them Into Your Heart and Life

Not only do our children get their basic necessities and schooling met, but they also have the chance to create a unique relationship with their sponsor that will be unlike any other.

Our children feel special knowing that someone specifically cares and thinks about them. Our sponsors also feel extra special since periodically through the year, they receive personalized video updates that allow them to really match the living, breathing and energetic child whose life is being changed.

2 Sponsorship Options – In or Out of the Safe Home

Friends of WPC Nepal sponsorship program is a monthly commitment. There are two levels you can choose from:

  1. $50 supports a child in the WPC safe home with school and daily housing and food needs
  2. $36 supports a child in the community who can’t afford to go to school

The ones in our safe home children are for those whose families have either abandoned, abused or cannot take care of them. This gives them a home that is theirs for life, will support them with their dreams, and provide the essentials for living and educational support.

The community sponsorships are for the families who can still care for their children, treat them well but live in low poverty. These families do not have the means to provide their educational and daily needs so the sponsorship program bridges that gap.

How Education Saves Nepali Kids from Trafficking

Education is the most important and the first right of every single child. Through education the children and women will never fall prey to those in the business of trafficking.

With your help, our children are taught to read, write and how to do mathematics. They learn life skills and the dangers of human trafficking. You’re helping families meet school related needs such as school fees (there’s no free school in Nepal), books, supplies, and uniforms. By providing financial support for WPC Nepal, after-school tutoring and homework assistance is also available at the safe home.

Other Nepali Education Programs You can Support

Scholarships After 10th Grade:

WPC Nepal’s scholarship program bridges the schooling cost gap that our child sponsorship program covers. Those fees are enough to cover up a student’s cost till 10th grade which is when high school completes in Nepal.

The scholarship program allows children to attend 11th and 12th grade and later to work towards their Bachelor’s degree. Sponsoring a scholarship for a child gives them the opportunity to reach their dreams to the utmost extent. Most of our children have dreams to become doctors, teachers, dentists, lawyers, etc… Helping them reach that goal helps them turn into a community changer. Allow them to positively change the world they live in for rebuilding a better Nepal by sponsoring their education today.

Local School Grants:

WPC Nepal grants are used to help local schools meet the educational needs of rescued and at-risk children. There are many vulnerable children in the rural areas that are at risk of being trafficked or re-trafficked. Most of the problems related to child trafficking stem from poverty and lack of job opportunities for the parents. Also, every story we hear about girl trafficking comes across as “to have better life” or “to get a job” or “to get an education.”

That’s why WPC also gives grants to local schools to help more kids attend. Usually this grant is given once a year to a village school which covers admission fees, school uniforms, books, and school supplies.

To take a stand and support these programs, please Donate Now.