Trafficking Awareness & Prevention in Nepal


What We Do to Cut It Off at the Source

Women’s Protection Center (WPC Nepal) supports various awareness programs in the rural villages with the partnership of the local community to raise awareness and prevent girl trafficking. The awareness programs typically run for three to five days. Team members stay in the village and local volunteers are recruited as well.

During those days, the team and case managers make an effort to visit every home and talk about the danger of sending their children to India and abroad. Very often parents will report stories of their own lost children. They have no means to find out where they are. At night we show a documentary film about human trafficking. Following the movie, we have group discussions about the prevention and fighting against the trafficking in their communities.

How Traffickers Operate in Nepal and India

This is important to tell the locals because many times, traffickers come to their village and tell family members all the “benefits” of sending their child away. They coax them into letting their daughter leave for a “better life” which will involve a good paying job and/or educational opportunities.

Usually this leads to being trafficked to the main city Kathmandu, where prostitution is common, or across the border to India because trafficking is not illegal. The border is open so it is easy to sneak women and girls across the border without anyone knowing. Once this happens, it is very unlikely that they will see their family ever again and their family is left with never knowing what happened to their daughter.

Helping Families Recognize and Resist the Deceptive Promises

WPC Nepal’s awareness programs are one of the first steps toward the prevention of human trafficking. Once a family is aware of the dangers of strangers coming into their village with these empty promises, they are less likely this send their child away regardless of the money they will receive for sending their daughter away.

To save even one child in one village; that makes all the difference to that one life that stays free. This is why awareness programs are an incredible important part of the work of Women’s Protection Center.

Empowering the Communities in Nepal

Locals can also apply for a grant from WPC Nepal to hold awareness programs of their own. The staff members of the NGO only have so much time to hold these programs so it is more than welcomed for locals to access these resources themselves to educate others. This empowers the community to have this opportunity that will train them in having a successful awareness program and allow them to educate an area that hasn’t been touched yet.