What's Happening Next?

First Annual Chili Cookoff

Join us for our first ever Chili Cookoff! We will gather to feast at Hellbent Brewery on Sunday, May 6th at 1:30pm. $20 buys you unlimited chili and cornbread for the afternoon, and 5 votes for the chili(s) of your choice. 100% of your ticket price directly supports the safe home in Nepal. If you’re interested in cooking or participating, sign up here.


2018 Hope for Freedom

Come to our annual auction and gala on Friday, September 21st, 2018. More details will be posted as soon as they become available. Help raise over $100,000 so more women and kids in Nepal can be saved from the risks and abuses of human trafficking. Come join us as a guest or as a volunteer.

The 8th annual Hope for Freedom Gala with a live and silent auction will inspire you to action as we work together to end trafficking.

3 Ways You Can Change a Life Forever

Sponsor a child in the WPC safe home in Hetauda, Nepal. Kids in terrible situations are waiting to enter into safety. But we can’t afford to take them in until they have a sponsor. Will you give one child hope for a better future?


Support WPC as a recurring donor. Make new life possible for every child and every woman who comes in contact with us. As a partner, you can:

·         Turn a desperate woman into a skilled business-starter

·         Turn an abused child into an ambitious young adult

·         Put a child in school whose parents can’t afford to send them

·         Save men and women from being trafficked to foreign slave labor markets


Serve in the US or in Nepal – volunteer for one-time or ongoing needs, and see the difference one person can make.


How Does WPC Nepal Stop Human Trafficking?

Women go through counseling and job training. Kids come to the 20-bedroom safe home facility in Hetauda, Nepal.


Saving Kids

The first enemy is poverty. The second is broken families. The third is lack of education.

The safe home overcomes all these.

Learn what the safe home does for girls who’ve been rescued or who were at risk of being trafficked.


See the WPC human trafficking safe home program


Saving Women

We’ve rescued some women out of human trafficking. They need a lot of care and help. But we work very hard to prevent the conditions that lead women to be trafficked. They need skills. They need income opportunities. They need confidence.

We give women all these through a vocational job training program.


Learn About the Job Training Program

Give New Life to the Women and Children in the WPC Safe Home

Nepal has become a human sex trafficking and slave labor hub. It’s a human rights disaster that feeds mostly to India. But how does this happen? And why here? And what can you do about it?

One woman’s story exposes the answers:

• She grew up without hope and without education until age 12.

• She watched her friends go away to schools and jobs, leaving her alone and impoverished.

• She saw the abuse and neglect so many kids suffer because of twisted values about the roles and worth of women.

• Some families in Nepal abandon their own daughters to the streets, or sell them, so they can keep raising their sons.

• She felt the restrictive repression of the caste system, which tells some kids to give up before they start, because they aren’t even allowed to set foot in some places unless it’s to clean them.

• No school. No job. No parents. No hope.

  But one day, finally, her grandmother managed to get her into school. Her eyes were opened. She realized the awful truth. Her friends who’d gone away hadn’t really gone to better schools and jobs. They’d been trafficked, and were probably either dead or living in terrible misery. Now, armed with a Masters degree, she could do something about it. This is the story of Lila Ghising, the founder of the Women’s Protection Center in Nepal. Her safe home has directly saved over 600 women and kids from trafficking, and transformed the community of Hetauda.   Now it’s your turn to enter the story. What will your chapter be about? The kids and women in the WPC Safe Home have escaped from trafficking. Now, they need your help to forge a new life, a new destiny, a new hope.

Everyday Purchases Can Support Us

Do you shop on Amazon? On your first visit to AmazonSmile, you will be prompted to choose a
charitable organization. Visit and search for “Friends of WPC Nepal”.
It works the same as your regular Amazon account and is an easy way to donate!



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